• Essentials

    We meet each week
    in Darfield at 10:30 am and
    Glenroy Hall 2nd and 4th Sundays
    at 9 am. Map - see below.
  • Weekly Devotion

    Paul to add.


The New Testament is clear that a person’s faith in Jesus causes them to put their faith into action for good. The manner in which this happens is as “salt” and “light” in Jesus’ words (Matthew 5:13-16).

There are a range of ways in which we seek to serve others and God. God has given us all a unique SHAPE (Rick Warren develops this idea in his book The Purpose Driven Life – Purpose # 4).

This includes our-

    • Spiritual Gifts
    • Heart
    • Abilities
    • Personality
    • Experiences.

Your SHAPE will enable you to serve – you may get involved in a ministry listed here or form a team to meet a new felt need. It may be that you work in another community organization and we want to encourage you to connect into ministry that reflects your SHAPE.

Have a chat to Bev Elder or Paul Cossey so we can encourage and support you in your ministry.